The Babolat story begins with a family business and its first venture into the world of sport in 1875, when tennis and badminton were still in their infancy. The Lyon-based brand owed its early success and expertise to a raw material - natural gut - from which the first racquet strings were made. It subsequently became the leader in racquet-sports equipment - frames, strings, shoes, clothes, balls, grips, accessories, and bags - and technical equipment for racquet preparation professionals.  Building on its tradition of innovation in support of players and the game, Babolat rose up the rankings as the choice of champions playing at the world’s most prestigious badminton, tennis and padel competitions.


Babolat enters the fray

A specialist in processing natural gut for sausages, surgical thread, harmonic music strings, and archery, Babolat & Monnier, under the direction of Pierre Babolat, invents the first natural gut strings for racquets, one year after Walter Clopton Wingfield devised the rules of lawn tennis, and not long after producing its first badminton strings.

Babolat thus becomes the first company to specialize in racquet games, and embarks on its adventure in the world of sport...

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